Best Google Rank Trackers Online 2019

Welcome to Rank Tracker Online – Your Guide to Everyone’s Favourite SEO Tool! Here at Rank Tracker Online, you will find information about a top-rated SEO tools that many experienced internet marketers and SEO professionals are talking about.
The most basic thing to do in SEO is rank tracking. This is your best way to find out what’s working and what’s not. A Keyword Rank Tracker is a tool that allows you to check yours, your competitors or your clients rankings in comparison to yours at any point of time.

What Makes Rank Trackers Such a Great SEO Tool

  • One of the Smartest SEO tools
    What makes Rank Tracker so smart is that it can be connected to Google Analytics in a very seamless manner to track how much traffic you have been able to get for a specific keyword. Your clients can see how well you have been doing and whether your efforts have converted into any real traffic.
  • Tracks Every Search Engine
    This SEO tool tracks rankings from almost all search engines and locations. It can also be set to track rankings from a particular search engine or location. This tool can even pull result from YouTube. This means you can track rankings from Google ph, Yahoo ph and Bing ph. You won’t have to scrape the rankings manually, the entire process is automated. The tool also helps you track localized keywords.
  • Unlimited Keywords
    You can add as many keywords as you like to this tool, there are absolutely no limited on this. You can track as many keywords as you want. Of course, you should know that when you add a lot of keywords, the more time it takes to get the data. Keep this in mind and don’t make the mistake of adding too many keywords to Rank Tracker just because you are allowed to.
  • Filters and Sorts all Data
    Rank Tracker pulls in all data whether it is displayed in your spreadsheet or not. With this SEO tool, you can sort out the rankings and the keywords, as well as the traffic data, all in a single place, in a way that makes sense. You can choose which data columns you want to be displayed on the spreadsheet and which you don’t.
  • Shows the Ranking of Each Page for a Specific Keyword
    Another thing this SEO tool does is to show you how a page within the website ranks for a particular keyword. So you will have a good idea of which web page is doing well and which aren’t. So you can focus on your strengths and identify what’s not working for you. This takes the guesswork out of the equation.
  • Surprisingly Accurate
    Rank tracker is very accurate; goes through all the search results and runs through the new data from the web. It works together with private proxies. This is very important as when you are pulling data from the web and don’t have a proper working proxy, you can get blocked by Google and other search engines.
  • Displays the Ranking History with a Line Graph
    Another useful thing this SEO tool does is to compare your SEO efforts and your rankings with those of your competitors using a visual tool such as a line graph. So you know just how well your SEO strategy has been faring with respect to those of your competitors. This is a very useful tool for SEO professionals as they can show a client how well their web pages have been doing on Google for a particular keyword with the help of a simple line graph.
  • Easy Reporting
    Rank Tracker works as a simple reporting too. It produces a report on your SEO efforts with only a click of a button. The report will have all the information you need or your clients need about the rankings on Google and other search engines, traffic and much more.
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